Monday, April 2, 2007

Brent's Statement

Although I would struggle to call myself an artist, I do strive to be one. It is hard to explain the drive that makes someone want to become an artist, but one must try. Depending how you look at art, whether for the aesthetic, the social/cultural context, or for both, it is the creativity that makes something art. While I find the combination between the two what I’m striving for, the social context is what fascinates me. Although I’m no anarchist, I have a strong desire for change. I do believe in a better future for the world and I think that creativity is what will spawn that future. Therefore, a simple statement of my “art” would be to try to make something that would change peoples lives for the better in a creative way, whether by the approach of helping people to realize the problems or by actually seeing another way of living that people could desire. Combining that with an aesthetic presence is the goal because whether or not someone cares about the content, no one can turn away from beauty.

Brent Baertsche