Wednesday, August 6, 2014

David's statement

Art has been a special form of entertainment for me. TV, internet, and other media just aren't enough, sometimes. At the same time, there's a challenge to it, with a certain satisfaction. In general, I just have a thing for creating. Often, when nothing's going on, I may find myself poking around with some kind of media creation. I've worked with drawing, painting, animating, videotaping, and even sound recording. This basically sums up what I want to do: build up talent with all kinds of art, so that many jobs will be open to me. This will especially be helpful, since some art jobs are short, and the different experiences will add all the more variety to my life.

Michael's Statement

If I were to describe my artistic identity in a single word, I would say I am a cartoonist. Of course, this word tends to invoke assumptions of childishness and low intelligence, which I hope not to convey by it. I use the term to mean that I am more about style and charm than realism, though I may carry realism as far as it will enhance my work. I’ve been drawing as early as childhood, and it is the biggest foundation for the art I create, although I have branched into other areas, such as writing and video making. I’ve attempted to build myself up as a storyteller, drawing original characters. While I may enjoy elements of a relatable, real world experience in a story, the fantastical, namely science fiction and fantasy, takes a large part of my interest. Nostalgia tends to find its way into my work regularly, inspired by cartoons, comics, and movies I loved in my childhood. A sense of imagination, wonder and excitement, akin to youth, is what I hope to communicate with my work.

Tim's Statement

For me, any art I produce doesn't normally have a hidden meaning or purpose, I just like to make things that are visually interesting and that are fun to explore and look at. Any meanings and feelings that people attach to the work is just a bonus because that adds meaning and a value to it that couldn't be there without the viewer and the viewer's experiences.

David's Statement

My goal as an artist is to simply take every dream that I have and create things that positively impact society.  I want to inspire people to believe in themselves and to think for themselves. Any form of creativity requires a leap of faith so I think that its only fitting to project optimism and hope in anything that I do.

Lina's Statement

I produce art as a way to express my understanding of the experiences that occur in my life. I find myself as an artist drawn to pieces that evoke a strong emotional reaction and leave me thinking about life.  I’m fascinated with the simplicity of life and the interactions we have with each other as people. My work focuses on the observations I’ve made as I go about my daily life.

Jacci's Statement

I make art because I have to. It's the only way I can express myself from the experiences I've been through. I have always been creative, even when I tried to do engineering the creative side came back and I had to switch to art. 

Miguel's Statement

To me art is a way to show thoughts and emotions that you can’t put into words. I like photography and video because they are ways to capture the world around you before that moment disappears so that you can share that moment with other people. It is a way to open your mind to the world around you and increase your creativity and use those skills for all other aspects of your life. Art is all around us even in the places where you wouldn’t expect, from what we wear, to athletics, the novels that we read even buildings and city structures all use different forms of art. It is one of the main things that makes us human.

Tyler's Statement

    Art can be defined in many different ways; the very definition of the word "art" is oftentimes the subject of debate, as the term remains largely open to individual interpretation. However, it is fairly interesting to consider that although most people are exposed to art each and every day of their lives, art is rarely consumed for the purposes of serving any form of utilitarian function. It is important that one challenges his/her self by engaging with new and interesting works of art on a regular basis. Many often do so and experience intellectual, creative, and emotional stimulation and reinvigoration in the process. However, people oftentimes choose to engage with art mostly for the sole purpose of seeking out entertainment and a personal sense of enjoyment.

    ​Throughout my life, I have always been extremely passionate about fictional storytelling and narratives across a wide variety of mediums. Every day I gain inspiration from the stories and works of fiction that I find compelling. I have always loved how narrative works possess the ability to bring different people together, allowing them to share conversations and ideas that are prompted by their feelings towards their favorite movies, books, music, games, and other forms of media. As an artist, I desire to one day create narratives that critically engage with a wide variety of people. I hope to inspire others in the very same way that I have been inspired by my favorite works of fiction in the past. My goal is to provide audiences with fiction that they will enjoy on an emotional and/or intellectual level, that open their minds to new values and ideas, and that provide them with a sense of escapism and entertainment. I firmly believe that many people, some of whom may not even consider themselves to be artists, undeniably have a strong, intrinsic desire to craft narrative experiences for others, and I would consider myself a very empty and disheartened person were I not to strive to create those types of experiences.

Mia's Statement

      I like to think that my art is a chance to express myself and is a great way to convey my ideas. Art, for me, is a way to channel my thoughts and feelings that I cannot express with words. I will always enjoy making art. It is a great stress reliever and a rewarding field, and I will hopefully continue to make art in my future.

Phil's statement

I create art in order to invoke an emotion. I feel like an art piece isn't complete unless it feel something when you come into contact with it because it's that emotional connection that makes the art work special. Hopefully the emotional connection that is created when people see my art inspires them to want to create as well.