Monday, March 5, 2007


I am an artist because I love making something that can be so simple into something so creative. For example, I enjoy taking an ordinary picture and somehow manipulating it—cropping, color, text, graphics, etc.—to add a little more interest, depth, and curiosity into why it is presented in that particular way. Beauty is not the most important factor to my art (it is a plus but not a necessity); rather, I will try to go for the new and fascinating route, such as a gross close-up of an injury or a pile of earwax on a dinner plate. I especially tend to include humor in my creations. Art is fun for me (because I obviously would not be doing art if it were boring), and so I want my artwork to reflect that I had a good time making it. I also want my audience to have an amusing reaction, whether good or bad, when they see my art because then I would know that they were at least intrigued for a moment. But in the end, the values I want to hold true to the most are that I do art for me or at least in my own style, and that I hope I never lose passion for what I do.

Sunday, March 4, 2007


I have always had a very sterotypical negative view on
blogs, to me, a blog was a place a 15 year old girl
could vent or cry about her current boy problems. But
that was very naive of me. I want to learn about
blogging that can be more then that. With that in
mind, I wanted my blog to be different. Instead of the
blog being for me, or for me, I wanted it to be for
the viewers. And the best way to do that is to get the
people involved. I came up wih the sweater idea to
feed my current obsession with corny sweaters and be
something everyone could relate to. I realize that
technology is the wave of the future, and I am willing
to embrace it, but another part of me is really
reluctant. That's why I liked the snail mail idea
along with e-mail. It reminds me of the girl scouts
song I used to sing: make new friends but keep the
old, one is silver and the others gold. I dont know
why, or how that song even makes sense to begin with,
but same idea.


Art allows me to give a voice to the images, ideas and stories that I see in my mind. It allows me to bring those ideas into a format I can share with others. At OSU I not only present my work for others to comment on but I can see the work that others are doing and incorporate their methods and/or ideas into my own form of art.


Michael J. Wyen
Artist Statement
As an artist I like to explore all of the
possibilities of art whether it be photography, video
or writing. Blogging allows me to share my art and
views with the rest of the world. This is a great
opportunity for me to get my work out to the public
without begging to show it in an art gallery, or to be
Photography is one of my passions and I have been
greatly influenced by people such as Jerry Uelsmann
and Duane Michals. Since I was a child, doodling on
scrap paper, I have tried to imitate the work of
surrealist painters such as Dali and Magritte but I
try to incorporate a surrealist feel to photography.
Video on the other hand can be either fantasy or
As a journalist I am interested in facts and nothing
but the facts, but as an artist I love to explore the
world of fantasy. Recently I have been interested in
documentary work. Sometimes reality is stranger than
fantasy. Most of my documentary work will be posted on
Escape to the woods, Mike Wyen blogspot, and The Art
of Mike. I may not put my personal documentary work on
Rants of a Nonconformist, unless it pertains to the
subject and works in with the story.
In studying journalism I have lost interest in the art
of writing. Creating these blog sites has restores my
passion for writing. I usually have to go and
interview boring people talking about boring issues
that have noting to do with my interests. In Escape to
the Woods and possibly Rants of a Nonconformist I have
the opportunity to interview people speaking on issues
of interest to me, thus reminding me why I am studying
what I’m studying.
I have many interest almost too many. The world is
full of possibilities and different faucets to
explore. As an artist and explorer I wish to
experience as much as possible and then share it with
the rest of the world. The internet is just one form
of media that allows me and the rest of the world to
preach from the pulpit.

Woong Jo

Statement as an artist – searching for the creativity

Is artist a job? Is artist an occupation? Is artist a profession?
Actually, there seems to be many artists who want their being artists as professionalism. In general, professionalism is understood as “the social process whereby people come to engage in an activity for pay or as a means of livelihood.” Historically, the concept of profession began with the works of medicine, theology and law. The artist has begun to be recognized as a profession when certain curriculums for the artists were developed in the university level.
However, I am still very skeptical about the idea that artist is a profession. For me, professionalism is a self-defined power elitism or as organized exclusivity along guild lines, much in the sense that George Bernard Shaw characterized all professions as “conspiracies against the laity.”
Greenwood introduced 5 general attributes or indicators of a profession. Among them, “a set of knowledge” comes first. Here I find a problem with the idea that artist is a profession. In the arts, the focus is not on a set of knowledge but on the creativity!!!! The creativity is not exclusively possessed by a few “professional” people.
In a certain point of view, the process of the professionalization (the level of individuals) is pretty similar to that of the institutionalization (the level of organizations). However, as I mentioned before, I believe that the institutions are composed not only of arts organizations but also of individual artists, critics and audiences.
Therefore, again, as being artists, (more specifically, as an arts administrator or a researcher in this field) I believe that I am certainly within the artworld. And because I believe the arts should be for everyone by everyone and because I believe that the core of the arts is creativity, I believe that searching for the creativity within this world will be my mission. As you see, it may be all about the belief. It makes sense because I believe artist is a calling not a profession.
Thus, for the first task of searching for the creativity, I am now searching for the creativity in my son’s works here.

Rachel's Statement

Why am I an artist? This has always seemed an odd question to me. Why not? or How can I not be? always seems to be my knee-jerk reaction.

As artists, we have an instinctive drive to make art. The challenge is not what to make or why to make, but how to apply it for everyone else. So then, what is my purpose as an artist? I rarely answer this question, probably because it’s difficult to think about and answer confidently.

I believe humans need to hear themselves, by the power of their own voice and also other’s. Desire is a powerful feeling, and it’s often linked to guilt. My work regularly admits to desire with candor. My desire to know is often so strong that it is painful. Making art became the outlet.

I can help myself decipher my own identity, and hopefully help others do the same.

I’ve come to a point in my life in which I do not believe my images can accurately visually depict all that I feel or wish to say. Text has become a vital tool. In exploring language, I’ve learned a variety of ways humans communicate. I’ve learned everything in life can be and probably is (without trying) art. I love this feeling.