Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adrian's Statement

As an artist at heart and an artist by nature, I have always had a mysterious attraction to the visual medium. However, most of my artwork, if not all of it, is merely pencil-on-paper action, so to speak. That said, I have asked myself several times, "What would other art styles be like?" Therefore I aspire to try other mediums of art aside from simple drawing and coloring, including animation, video, and sound.
While stereotypical artists view the objects around them as simply things to draw, I view them as things of beauty and value. Anything can be a trigger for the creative spark, be it in its shape, motion, color, or style. But I can also testify to the fact that there is more to art than just the objects involved. I see it as a tool for the imagination, for speaking the creative mind. In the past my artistic spark took over a lot of my daily life, but ever since I started drawing I have learned to harness it for my own good.

In sum, art is my life. Therefore, I strive to live through art.

Whitney's Statement

Many people create art to express feelings or their personality. Some create art for others to purchase or enjoy. Some just like to use their medium as a source of letting out emotion, rather it be anger, happiness or mere melancholy. I, on the other hand, like to make my viewer question the meaning of my work. My art isn't just for me, it's for others to interpret. That is my favorite thing to hear-people's opinions on what my work means. I want to effect and change people's negative opinion of what art is and is not. Simply put, I make art because I feel like it. If I'm inspired, I do something about it.

Nicklaus' Statement

In my art I try to question the typical explanation of what is beautiful in our world. And to reassess what we hold to be traditional, rational, and beautiful to better open our minds to a highly diverse world and all that it has to offer.

Neil's Statement

Growing up the youngest of three in a small town, I frequently created my own means of amusement. Years later and I continue to channel this creative process, evolving it more specifically to focus on art. Daily, I appreciate my freedom and flexibility to produce art based upon my personal experience and preferences. In my opinion, to possess this talent is a huge blessing, gift, and opportunity to impact others.

Art can be interpreted in countless ways, making it unique to each viewer. My art is an outward expression of my life experiences, memories, and emotions. From the stories represented in my art, the viewer creates a new story to be shared.

I am interested in how people create memories, how memories evolve, and how they influence others. Many ideas and interests come from my involvement with community service. The infectious nature a positive attitude and selfless action has on our surroundings is incredible. My artwork urges viewers to reflect on their life and positively transform their lives and environment.