Sunday, August 14, 2011

Adrian's Statement

As an artist at heart and an artist by nature, I have always had a mysterious attraction to the visual medium. However, most of my artwork, if not all of it, is merely pencil-on-paper action, so to speak. That said, I have asked myself several times, "What would other art styles be like?" Therefore I aspire to try other mediums of art aside from simple drawing and coloring, including animation, video, and sound.
While stereotypical artists view the objects around them as simply things to draw, I view them as things of beauty and value. Anything can be a trigger for the creative spark, be it in its shape, motion, color, or style. But I can also testify to the fact that there is more to art than just the objects involved. I see it as a tool for the imagination, for speaking the creative mind. In the past my artistic spark took over a lot of my daily life, but ever since I started drawing I have learned to harness it for my own good.

In sum, art is my life. Therefore, I strive to live through art.