Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Michael's Statement

If I were to describe my artistic identity in a single word, I would say I am a cartoonist. Of course, this word tends to invoke assumptions of childishness and low intelligence, which I hope not to convey by it. I use the term to mean that I am more about style and charm than realism, though I may carry realism as far as it will enhance my work. I’ve been drawing as early as childhood, and it is the biggest foundation for the art I create, although I have branched into other areas, such as writing and video making. I’ve attempted to build myself up as a storyteller, drawing original characters. While I may enjoy elements of a relatable, real world experience in a story, the fantastical, namely science fiction and fantasy, takes a large part of my interest. Nostalgia tends to find its way into my work regularly, inspired by cartoons, comics, and movies I loved in my childhood. A sense of imagination, wonder and excitement, akin to youth, is what I hope to communicate with my work.