Monday, May 31, 2010

A Statement

“These pine trees smell like cleaning products.” I’ll be honest. I’m worried about everyone. This includes myself. As I attempt to navigate the adult world, with all of its structures, I’m finding a few things to be alarmingly apparent to me. Most prominently, I’m not very good at this sort of navigation, and many people who seem to have an easy time with this are also either admittedly and openly unhappy, or at least exhibit such behaviors with a certain level of acceptance of reality as being some sort of harsh wake up from innocent dreaming. Many of our own experiences are relatable only to commercial products, as these comprise most of our contact with things that fall outside of the moderated margins of ‘normalcy’. The other thing I can’t help noticing is that in instances where I’m doing right by society’s standards, I catch myself starting to slip in those directions. These structures that have imposed themselves upon our very thinking have very little to do with reality, however. They have little to do with ourselves, or each other. They have little to do with how we truly experience life and reality. In fact as far as I’m concerned, one of the best ways, then, that we can relate to true reality in our experiences is by thinking the way we did as children, before many of the structures had been constructed in our minds.

Using Carl Jung’s psychotherapeutic methods as a guide, I’m using my art in visual, experiential, and per-formative ways to help people reestablish their connections with other people, with their environment and their experiences, and with their self. I can only hope that my efforts are fruitful, because I consider it my primary ‘adult responsibility’.