Monday, July 22, 2013

Lauren's statement

Working with a wide range of media and exploring their possibilities allows for great forms of communication. Through art my ability to communicate is realized.  My subject matter as well as my process explore dichotomies; between art and humor, the polished and the crass, the physical and emotional and between the objective and passionate.

Specifically, with photography, it’s the use and source of light that I am interested in playing with.  Whether it is masking light while making prints or the use of alternative light sources such as projectors or computer screens, this allows for opposition within the process itself.  In video, I am interested in the examination of movement and the emotion that can be found between rigidity and freedom.

I also like the idea of creating art from art, taking something noted and beautiful and inverting it; or, conversely, taking something infamous and ugly and augmenting it.  I do this by appropriating images found on the Internet.  The accessibility of the past, present, and future via the Internet and the fact that it is fairly lawless is disconcerting as well as empowering and fun.