Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gian's statement

Without art, my mind loops endlessly into itself until I'm sad and lost. It allows me to take my mind out of the endless echo chamber of my skull and put it somewhere.

I'm drawn to painting because it can most purely reflect my thoughts. With paint you can illustrate concepts in full vibrancy, with texture and depth to boot. Mediums like video and photo largely limit you within the realm of the physical world. Animation comes close, but no individual frame (in any sane person's animation) will ever be able to capture the time, effort, and aura of an individual painting.

Paintings can capture the essence- the physical, psychological spirit- of existence. Owning a quality painting is like having a slab of nature, one that peeks behind the veil of reality and into a higher plane of consciousness.

I really want to be a painter.