Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ed's statement

Art is as natural as science. One cannot go about their everyday without seeing
both of these. Throughout my journey in film and art the most intimidating thing to me
was the equipment/hardware peers had owned. Working simple has restricted me to let
art happen to myself rather than me happen to art. It becomes a tone/presence that you
can tap into and learn how to ride and steer in a particular direction. A major killer of
great ideas is overthinking. The art evaporates and the idea gets lost and tangled.

The tone of art carries on throughout you . Just because I classify myself as a
filmmaker does not restrict me from other media. I like to have a constant art project
other than film that is strictly for me. It’s like an artist’s punching bag. You can’t lose to a
punching and you can’t mess up on your personal art project. It’s refreshing and opens up
a tone of creative doors that usually bring ideas to the film platform that I can run with.

Everything will get in tune if you allow art to happen. Sometimes it’s not going
take the same route you’ll want to take and that is when you start making some pretty
good shit.